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General Information

ADRL offers opportunities for master thesis and semester projects for students with back-ground in Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Control Engineering, Computer Science, Physics etc. We focus on control of robots with arms and legs. We are aiming at highly dynamic motions: run, jump, … parkour, as well as walking, climbing and manipulation. Our understanding of controlling physical machines helps the understanding of human motor control. We use methods of control theory, planning, machine perception and applied machine learning. Our research will inform the technology to build the intelligent service and rescue robots of the future. We offer exchange opportunities with IIT Genova, MPI Tuebingen, University of Southern California and other labs. If you want to get involved shaping the future of service robotics get in touch with us! Below we list some suggestions for students projects at the ADRL. (Almost) all of the projects can and will be modified and adapted to the students interests and background as well as the current needs of the lab.

How to apply

In order to apply for any of the projects, please email the following (in PDF) to the contacts given in the project description:

  1. Short CV
  2. Short statement of motivation
  3. Up-to-date transcripts
  4. (All previous project reports)

Available Projects

Check the links below to browse currently open projects at our lab (use your university login where required):

X-peak Challenge

Master Projects

Semester Projects

Bachelor Projects

Tutorial Assistant (HiWi)


ADRL is using SiROP which allows universities to publish and search scientific projects. For more information please visit

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