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Manuel Lussi

HPZ G 36
John-Von-Neumann-Weg 9
8093 Zürich

E-Mail: mlussi (at) ethz (dot) ch

Manuel received his BSc from the University of Applied Sciences Lucerne in Computer Science (2013) and his MSc from ETH Zurich in Robotics, Systems and Control (2016). He first came in touch with the ADRL during his Semester Project and part-time assistant employment where he helped testing and improving RCARS used for feature-based localization of the HyQ Robot. After completion of his Master Thesis he joined the ADRL as a full-time Software Engineer. His work is focused on implementing the visual-based state estimation for the IF Robot of project Mesh Mould Metal as well as maintaining and improving the low-level software of HyQ and HyA.

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